Monday, 3 November 2008

more drawings...on canvas!


daisy said...


I found this just looking through websites, and it seems like a really interesting idea :)

I'd love to find something like this - its actually really nice to see someone do something like this, just trying to make people's lives a little bit happier, and make things more interesting.

Good luck with this - I hope your project goes well, and I hope people find these because they are really really good!


Emilie said...

this is a great idea and if i recieved something like that in the post or on my car it would definatley make me smile and i would probably keep it to remind me!!

I hope this goes well for you and i love the idea of you trying to bring some joy into someones life by such a small thing but it can make a big difference!!


emily said...

I think it's cool emma :) :)

David said...

Looks good. Be careful of the materials you use though, don't want people to think it's junk mail! Also, it'd be irritating if you spent ages on a piece and then didn't get a response so watch out for that.

It's a really cool concept though, good luck with it!

ellie_powles said...

I think they are Great You are very talented! I hope to see more of youre work soon!!!! xxxx

Chris said...

I think they are great, have made me smile if i received one in the post I would place it on the fridge especially the animal pictures.

Good luck with it all, and i hope more people get to smile like me because of this clever idea.

Christophe said...

Love the little animals and the artwork in general. Great idea, keep it up.

Emily said...

Loved the simplicity of it and it was very pretty. nice to see something just in place to make people's days a bit brighter opposed to shock tactic art.
Look forward to the next one.
Also love the little animals - more of them!

becky said...

Hi, I received one of these canvases through the post a couple of weeks ago and it just happened i was having a horrible few days, it was really lovely and definitely brightened up my week, Thank you!